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Meadowlane Nursery School
General Information
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Do & Don't                                                                                                        
Cold Weather Clothing                                                                                     
Children are welcome to arrive five minutes prior to their class.  Watch for the sign in the front window to turn to "OPEN" before bringing your child into the building.  The morning classes begin at 9:00am.  The afternoon class begins at 12:30pm.  Please be prompt at pick up time (11:15am or 2:45pm).  If you are going to be late for any reason,please call and let one of the teachers know.
When you pick up your child each day, please check his/her cubby for art work.  The children are proud of their work, so try to display it at home.  It is the process rather than the finished product that is important.  Thus, it is best not to ask your child "WHAT IS IT?" for children don't often label their work at this age.  Such comments as, "What beautiful colors" or "Tell me about your project" or "This must have been fun to make, can you tell me how you did it?" invite your child to talk about his/her work.
We do celebrate birthdays at school.  If your child has a birthday during the school year, you are welcome to talk with a teacher to plan the date you wish to bring a snack.  If your child's birthday is in the summer, you are welcome to select a date in the spring or aound his/her half birthday if you'd like.
If the temperature is above 20 degrees, we make every attempt to play outdoors, so please dress your child accordingly.  Please label all of their outer clothing.  We work a great deal on self help skills so your child will be working on dressing himself/herself.  Gloves are very difficut for preschoolers, so we encourage you to send MITTENS instead.
Formal conferences are scheduled three times throughout the year.
    End of August or Beginning of September - New studens to preschool and parent(s)
    November - MWFam & M-Fpm  - Parents only (no children)
    February - T/THam & kindergarten readiness  -  Parents only (no children)
    make sure your child is fed before arrival

    read monthly newsletters

    send your child in play clothes

    dress your child for the weather

    ask questions, visit with us or call
    let your child bring toy guns or other weapons

    send your child with gum or candy

    send your child with a cold, rash or fever

    bring your child in before the sign says "OPEN"
We are here for you and your family, so please don't hesitate to talk with us.
We ask that you keep your child home with you if he/she has a fever or any signs of illness.  Any child with a rash will need a written notification from a medical professional before being admitted back to school.  Please wait until your child is fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school.  If your child will not be at school, please call.

A good rule of thumb...   If you would not want another child playing at your home who has identical symptoms of your child, then keep him/her home from school.
We are required by law to have your child's immunization records on file.  Your doctor can provide you with a copy or you are welcome to complete the form included in the initial packet sent home in August.  Please check with a teacher if you need a form.
We have many opportunities for you to be involved throughout the school year.  You are always welcome at school and we love to have families share their talents and interests as well.  Some of our annual opportunities to be involved include:  Parent/Family Coffees, Field Trips, Providing cookies or other seasonal treats, Family Picnics, Christmas Sing-a-longs, Skate Parties
This meeting is held on an evening the week before the first day of school.  This is a great time to meet other parents, learn more about our school and schedules, ask questions and work out car pools if needed.

Please note... There will be NO CHILD CARE during this meeting, so please make other arrangements.
Please DO NOT BLOCK THE NEIGHBORS' DRIVEWAYS!  You are welcome to park at the base of our driveway, but we ask that you not use the driveway to turn around or to pick up and drop off your child at any time during the school day.
There is a $50.00 registration/supply fee due at the time of registration.  This is a non-refundable fee.  This will reserve your child's place in the class you select.  Please make checks payable to MEADOWLANE NURSERY SCHOOL.
Tuition is due the first day of each month that your child attends preschool.  A $20.00 late fee will be assessed if tuition is paid after the 10th of the month.  Continual late payments may be assessed additional fees.  If you withdraw your child for any reason, we require a one month notice as well as payment for that month.
We generally follow the decision of the Lincoln Public Schools regarding the closing of school due to inclement weather.  To find out about school closing visit our website: