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Meadowlane Nursery School
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  January 2019

​           31 - James (mwf) 


 Jan. 7          Welcome Back!

​ Jan. 9         SHOW & TELL
                       MWF class

 Jan.  16       SHOW & TELL
                      MWF class 

 Jan. 18       BOOK ORDERS DUE

 Jan. 21       SIBLING DAY

 Jan. 23       SHOW & TELL
                      MWF class

 Jan. 24 & 25    PAJAMA PARTIES

  Jan. 30        SHOW & TELL
                       MWF class

               SHOW & TELL

Show & Tell will be on Wednesdays throughout the months of January and February.  Your child may bring one item in a bag to share with a small group.  He/She will give clues to his/her friends as to what they have brought.  Just in case there is a day that they forget or choose not to bring an item, they can tell their friends something if they wish.

                     PAJAMA PARTIES

This is one of the childrens favorite days at school.  We will NOT go outdoors so that children will be able to wear their pajamas and slippers all day long.  Your child is invited to wear his/her pajamas and slippers, bring a sleeping bag or blanket and a favorite stuffed animal.  If your child is hesitant about wearing p.j.s you could encourage them to wear sweats or tell them that their teachers will be wearing pajamas, too.


Just a remiinder...

We will attempt to go outdoors if the temperature is 20 degrees or above.  We do take wind chill into account.  Please send boots and other outdoor appropriate clothing on days that appear to have temps above 20 degrees.  Don't forget to label all outer clothing.

REQUEST:  We encourage you to send MITTENS instead of gloves.  Mittens are much easier for children to put on by themselves.


If your child has a sibling in elementary school, he/she is invited to join us for the last 45 minutes of school.     10:30-11:15